Alexandria Self Storage Helps You Prepare

Our facility sells quality locks, so your unit is exceptionally safe as well as bubble wrap to add a layer of protection for your delicate items.

A Team That Cares in Alexandria, KY

The team at Alexandria Self Storage cares about your belongings and wants your self storage experience to be successful. We believe that self-storage is an art. Doing it correctly will ensure that your stacks of boxes will not fall over and possibly hurt you or damage your other things. Here are some tips to help ensure success in using your self-storage unit at Alexandria Self Storage:

1. Stay organized: Before putting your things in a box, make a list and assign each item to its respective box. Make labels for each box and attach these labels to all sides of the box as well as the top of the box. If there are breakables, place “fragile” stickers on the box.

2. Use no more than two sizes of boxes: This way, stacking the boxes will be easier and more organized. Boxes should be sturdy enough that the bottom box can withstand the weight of all the other boxes being stacked on top of it.

3. Keep your items safe: As often as possible, put your items in boxes to prevent them from getting dusty.

4. Try not to waste space: Fill up the entire box but not all with heavy materials. You need to fill up a box completely to avoid its tendency to collapse or tip over. However, you should avoid filling it up with heavy items so that it won’t be hard for you to carry. When packing, fill the box with the heavy items first and then fill it to capacity with lighter items.

5. Avoid a watery mess: Freezers and refrigerators should be stored with the door slightly open. Electrical appliances should be completely

6. Pad your breakables: Pack breakables in bubble wrap or packing paper. Wrap mirrors and picture frames with bubble wrap. Alexandria Self Storage sells quality bubble wrap for your convenience.

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